Myron McNeal officially announced that he will run for Pettis County Prosecuting Attorney to a crowd at the Fox Theater on Thursday (March 20).

McNeal grew up in Sedalia and has practiced law for the last eleven years. McNeal previously worked for Rival Manufacturing, Gardner-Denver, Parkhurst and Alcan Cable before deciding to go into law, where he worked with his son and Karen Hunt, who retired in 2010.

McNeal feels he can benefit the community as a Prosecuting Attorney, since he knows some of the issues that come up in court and wants to make a difference on helping curb drugs in our community.

McNeal is joined by Pettis County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Phillip Sawyer, Stoddard County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Andrew Rehmer and lawyer Kim Tanner on the August 3, 2014 primary on the Repubican side.

We spoke with McNeal after the announcement. Listen to the interview below.