A new scam that uses social media has surfaced, regarding real estate and rental property in the Marshall, MO area.

The Marshall Police Department has reportedly received several complaints in regards to the scam which attempts to take money from citizens using social media.

According to the MPD, a person will advertise a home for rent or sale online, who does not own the home, but will use pictures off the internet to advertise it as their property. They will provide a phone number to contact them and then make arrangements for the intended victim to send money (usually out of state), prior to receiving keys to the residence.

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a home, it is recommended to meet the seller or landlord, in-person.

If someone is attempting to rent or sell you a home and they insist on handling everything without any face-to-face time, it is most likely a scam and you should not give them any money.

If anyone believes they are a victim of this or any other scam, report it to local law enforcement.

Michael Smith, Getty Images
Michael Smith, Getty Images

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