Sedalia Parks & Rec celebrated the addition of new playground equipment at Clover Dell Park with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. with several supporters in attendance, including members of the Park Board, City Council and others.

Park Board President Jerry Case cut a long red ribbon supplied by the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce to officially open the area, located just west of a large shelter house and surrounded by numerous soccer fields.

Parks & Rec Director Amy Epple stressed that it was teamwork that got the project finished, from her design and layout work to the installation by maintenance workers.

"It's all about what's (best) for the community," commented after the ceremony. "I wanted a playground out here for people to enjoy." Epple noted that the park is well known by soccer players and dog owners. It also draws anglers to the 12-acre lake on the south side of the park. Clover Dell is also the site of high school cross country meets during the academic school year.

"So I hope people will come out here and use this playground. And for me, the big thing that I love about it the most is everyone can play on it. It's for grown-ups, it's for little kids, you have the all-inclusive swing over there so you can swing as an adult, or a grandmother with a baby. So my goal is to get people up and around, moving, making memories and enjoying life," Epple told KSIS.

The 10,000-square-foot play area is bordered and contains 450 cubic yards of certified mulch. It lays to the south and west of the existing shelter house, which is being rented more now that there's a playground adjacent to it.

"We maybe rented it out less than five times a year, and now it's already booked up (for weekends) in September and October. People are calling. For a birthday party, you pay $25 for a shelter all day, you can't beat that," Epple said.

The Parks & Rec Director is excited for the next Tween Flashlight Egg Hunt, with many more hiding places.

There are a little over 300 acres in the Sedalia Parks & Rec system. Clover Dell, located at 5301 West 32nd Street, covers 173 acres, has eight soccer fields, a disc golf course and was built in 1992.

For more information, visit or call (660) 826-4930.

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