Monday night's City Council meeting, the last for 2021, began with a public meeting for the fiscal year 2022 – 2023 Strategic Planning & Budget.

This was followed by promotional pinnings for members of the Sedalia Fire Department.

Promoted were:

*Kyle Gilmore, battalion chief
*Nathan Deuschle, captain
*Joshua Nelson, captain
*Zach Morales, captain
*John Clarke, driver
*Colby Snapp, driver
*Matt Moulton, driver
*Chris Maggert, driver
*Jeremy Pepin, driver

Financial Director Dawn Jennings then updated Council with a presentation.

Last month saw a 21.7 percent increase in sales tax. Use tax was up 8.5 percent.

Franchise & cigarette tax was down 2.5 percent. Transportation tax was up 9.1 percent.

Property tax collections are down 15.8 percent over last month.

Overall, the current monthly total is up 17.3 percent, Jennings said.

Year-to-date totals show that sales tax is up 14.5 percent. Use tax is up 9.2 percent. Cigarette and franchise tax is down 2.9 percent. Transportation tax is up 12.2 percent. Property tax is up 6.5 percent. Overall, collections are up 11.6, Jennings told the Council.

Council then waived requirements of the City's open container laws for the Sedalia Lions Club for their event scheduled for March 19, a pub crawl scheduled for 12 to 7 p.m. in downtown Sedalia.

It was noted that the Lion's Club's Zombie event raised between $12,000 and $13,000.

Councilman Steve Bloess noted that the Sedalia Lion's Club "sets the standard for one-day events."

Under Public Safety, Council approved the purchase of a 2019 Dodge Durango for the Sedalia Fire Department at a cost of $34,000. A budget amendment was required to make the purchase possible.

The reason for the unexpected purchase was that the SFD's old vehicle, a 2011 Chevy Tahoe, was totaled after a citizen plowed into it recently while it was parked during an annual inspection procedure. The firefighter/EMT on scene was able to provide emergency aid to the driver, who is reportedly doing fine now.

The City's insurance company paid out $15,644.25 for the totaled Tahoe.

Chief Irwin located the Durango through the Pettis County Fire District. They want to trade it for a pickup that will better serve their needs. A price of $34,000 was agreed upon. The insurance money will be used to pay for a little less than half of it.

Council then approved the purchase of an animal control box for Animal Services for $35,600. It will be installed once a new truck is delivered. The new truck purchase was previously approved by Council. One bid was received from Jackson Creek Manufacturing, Inc., (Denton, North Carolina) for the box.

The City Attorney will no longer be required to attend all meetings of the Firefighter's Retirement Fund Board of Trustees. This is due to services being contracted out, and therefore the attorney will be removed from board.

Under Public Works, Director Brenda Ardrey updated the Council with an overview of future plans for waste and wastewater in Sedalia.

Staff recommended to Council reallocating funds to use for engineering services with Wilson and Company for the next six stormwater projects at a cost of $474,000.

The failure of a Cascade Pump at the North Wastewater Treatment Plant on Georgetown Road necessitates the purchase of a new one from FTC Equipment (KCMO) at a cost of $36,750.36.

Council agreed to a tree inventory of roughly 1,531 City park and right-of-way trees and 426 Ash trees by ACRT, Inc., (Stow, Ohio) at a cost of $7,808.43. The City has received a grant to accomplish this project this year, it was noted.

Council previously approved a contract with S4 Water Sales and Service, LLC, (Bowling Green, Kentucky) to replace filter media at the City's filtration plant. However, the calcium deposits have built up to the point of making them more difficult to remove than anticipated. Staff believes some of this should have been anticipated and that the contractor bears some of the responsibility. It was finally decided that the extra cost would be split, thereby increasing the contract sum by $17,615.45 to cover half of the unanticipated labor and equipment needed to remove the existing filter media.

Under Community Development, Council approved a fee schedule change for vacant residential properties to reflect the language in an ordinance approved in October. It does not represent a substantial change in the application of the code, nor the amount of the fees, which will now be incorporated into the fee schedule.

A rezoning request from owners of property at 501 E. 28th and 505 East 28th and 2720 South Ingram was approved by Council. It will now change from R-1 (single-family dwelling) to C-1 (local business) in accordance with Chapter 64 of the City Code. A developer plans to build multi-family units and a possible retail establishment. The surrounding area is already zoned for C-1 and R-3 (apartments).

Council approved an amendment of Chapter 16 of the City Code by adding Article II pertaining to administrative search warrants. The Executive Branch occasionally comes across issues where due process is better served by obtaining a judicial review in order to grant the necessary access to private property for the purpose of enforcing Municipal codes.

Council approved the purchase of land located adjacent to Crown Hill Cemetery (northwest corner of North Veterans Memorial Drive and East Boonville). The property also adjoins the rail spur the City recently constructed through a Federal grant. The most likely use of the land will be for expansion of the cemetery and/or a Trans Loading facility for the rail spur. It was further noted that the heavy underbrush in the property “facilitates criminal behavior.” Staff negotiated a $40,000 purchase price for the roughly 10 1/2 acres of land.

And finally, under Community Development, Council agreed to purchase property at 404 E. 2nd Street from Britt T. Booth and Eva M. Booth for $5,000. The structure on the property needs to be demolished, according to the board of appeals.

A special event liquor license was approved by Council for Jamie Lewis dba Heroes Restaurant and Pub, 107 West Pine, Warrensburg. The special event will take place at The Foundry, located at 324 W. 2nd in Sedalia for Jan. 1, $15.

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Rhiannon Foster was absent from Monday night's meeting.

Council then adjourned for closed-door session to discuss legal advice and Real Estate.

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