Usually there is a line that even the lowest criminal will not cross.  That line is the one that takes advantage of a tragedy. In the police report for July 26, 2012, there was one of those stories that points out that we have someone in this area who has stooped that low.

Thieves, vandals (or just call them lowlifes) broke two doors to the basement of what is left of the Mark Twain Apartment Building, apparently to scavenge through the remains of the victims of the tragic fire that left so many families without a home.  There was no way to tell if anything was taken according to the report. The report also states there is two feet of water in the basement and the building is deemed unsafe.

There is a saying that assumes there is honor among thieves, but I would bet there are thieves out there right now who are disgusted by those who would attempt to pick the bones of a tragedy like the Mark Twain fire.