The CEO of Steak 'N' Shake says he can save the company a million dollars by eliminating cherries on the fast food chain's iconic milkshakes. This according to a report from multiple outlets including CBS News.

Steak 'N' Shake lost $18.9 Million Dollars in the first quarter of this year. In addition to converting four hundred company owned restaurants into individually owned franchises, CEO Sardar Biglari suggested eliminating cherries from the chain's iconic milkshakes to save the chain a million dollars.

That idea has gone over with shareholders about as well as his desire to reinvent how Steak 'N' Shake makes it's milkshakes. Which according to their website hasn't been changed in 85 years cherries and all.

I don't always like cherries on my chooclate milkshakes. Case in point: McDonald's chocolate shakes. I don't think their flavor plays well with cherries. However, I do enjoy cherries with my Steak 'N' Shake shakes. I'd miss it if it was gone. Plus, it's tradition. You don't mess with tradition. Especially when it's part of your name.

It looks like shareholders aren't inclined to let this suggestion fly. Plus, there's no guarantee fanchises would buy into either the CEO's suggestion to eliminate the cherry or change the traditional way the restauant makes it's shakes. Hopefully we'll be able to drive through the Steak 'N' Shakes in Sedalia and Warrensburg for years to come and enjoy our shakes topped the way they should be: with a cherry.

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