On Saturday night, Warrensburg Police were called at 10:43 p.m. to the 100 block of East Hunt Street to investigate a shooting.

While the officers were responding to that address, police received another call regarding a shooting victim at Jerry’s One Stop, 712 South Maguire.

When officers arrived on Hunt Street, they contacted the apartment resident, who told police that two males tried to force their way into his apartment. At least one of the males was armed with a gun. The resident fired shots at the two males and was able to shut his door. The two males fled the scene.

Officers located a male shooting victim at Jerry’s One Stop. He was transported to Western Missouri Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. He was 23-year-old Warrensburg resident. His identification was being held, pending notification of family members.

Officers followed a blood trail from the apartment to Jerry’s One Stop where the male shooting victim was found. It appears the male fled the apartment scene and collapsed at Jerry’s.

Police say the dead male was one of the two individuals who tried to force his way into the apartment. Officers located a gun that one of the suspects left behind at the apartment scene.

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