Panera Bread is no longer a drive away to Kansas City, Columbia or Springfield.  It opened for business with a non-profit day for the benefit of D.A.R.E and Childsafe on Sunday, June 24 in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center.  Employees told me that they raised about $4,900 in total for the day for those charities, a successful test opening.  I made it to the official opening day on Monday, June 25.

Ever since Panera Bread announced they were opening in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center last summer,  I have been thinking and dreaming of bagels.  While Panera Bread has lots of menu items, such as sandwiches and salad, it was the mighty bagel that won me over years ago when I first tried it in Kansas City.

As I pulled up and opened the doors, I was welcomed with "Hi, welcome to Panera Bread."  About that time is when the aroma of fresh baked items comes your way.  There is something for everyone in the family, but today's goal was get those bagels.

As I scanned the bagel flavors, I decided to go with the Everything, Signature Cinnamon Crunch, Asiago, Sweet Onion, and for dessert Chocolate Chip.  I also got the Honey Walnut spread and Chive Onion with it.  Now keep in mind this is a baker's dozen, thirteen bagels in total.  One may expect to be paying about $20-$30 for something like that, but how does $13.99 sound?  That sounded like music to my ears, and I savored the fresh aroma for thirteen delicious bagels to me.   They made the car ride home very enjoyable, and were delicious for a breakfast for dinner menu item.

I highly recommend it and shall return, probably many times over.   The wait for the new Panera Bread was worth it and I wish them good luck in Sedalia.