From computer skills and reading to artistic achievements and math mastery, students got a chance to show what they have learned this school year during Parkview Elementary School’s Showcase Night.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

The event, held the evening of April 27, saw hallways and classrooms filled with students and family members. Principal Stephanie Jackson said the goal of the inaugural event was to give students a chance to celebrate their academic growth.

“At the beginning of the year, one of our building goals was to start student data binders and goal-setting in the classroom,” Jackson said.

“We wanted our students to take more personal ownership of their learning. Our students have really embraced their learning, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to share their growth with their families," she said.

The evening also was an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles. Jackson said the Showcase was set up similar to the school’s student-led conferences, allowing the students to share work samples and projects with their families, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) efforts.

“This is our first year implementing our Project Lead the Way Launch Curriculum,” she said. “It was an opportunity to share the design process and several of our modules with parents.  One of the favorite modules during the evening was computer programming."

Among the other activities were classroom scavenger hunts, math games, and building Jack and the Bean Stalk from pipe cleaners.

Third grade teacher Laura Peck said, “It was wonderful to see students taking charge of their own learning and success. Parents loved seeing the growth their child made over the year and it made it even more special because they got to hear about it from their own child."

Jackson was pleasantly surprised at the turnout.

“Every classroom had anywhere from 65 percent to 100 percent attendance. The students were so excited when they left school to bring their parents back that evening,” Jackson said. “The night was all about the kids and allowing them an opportunity to shine.”

PviewSC1: Kindergartner Ivy Burch reads to her father, Brad Burch, on April 27 during Parkvew Elementary School's first Showcase Night. Students and showed parents and family members all the progress they have made this school year.

PviewSC2: Tiffany Anderson listens as her stepson, Stephan Anderson, explains key points on the Growth Mindset display in his classroom at Parkview Elementary.

PviewSC3: Second-grade teacher Shawna Davidson, left, shows Crystal Vasquez the number of sight words her son, Gabriel Menendez, has learned so far this school year.

PViewSC4: Kindergartner Brianna Devorss watches as her art contraption, made of markers and an electric toothbrush, jiggles out a design during the Parkview Showcase.

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