On National Day of Prayer, the County Commission hosted a meeting of prayerful reflection with pastors and leaders of faith from various denominations across Pettis County.

Inside the Historic Pettis County Courthouse, revered as a symbol of justice, esteemed pastors, faith leaders, and elected officials congregated to offer prayers for guidance, wisdom, and unity.

Eastern Commissioner Israel Baeza welcomed those in attendance and emphasized the importance of faith as a unifying force in times of adversity. “Today is a day dedicated nationally to prayer and faith. For me, that faith is in Jesus Christ, and I appreciate the opportunity to come as public officials to seek guidance from the Lord in the decisions that we make."

The National Day of Prayer, observed annually on the first Thursday of May, serves as a reminder of the enduring value of prayer in the fabric of American society. Pettis County's commemoration of this day not only honors a longstanding tradition but also reinforces the county's commitment to fostering a culture of harmony, compassion, and spiritual fortitude/

Presiding Commissioner Bill Taylor presented a proclamation acknowledging Thursday as “National Day of Prayer” in Pettis County and expressed deep gratitude to all those in attendance. "Coming together with fellow members of the community to pray for our nation and its leaders is a humbling and empowering experience."

The ceremony was initiated with an invocation by Rev. Jon Church, president of the Pettis County Ministerial Association and Katy Park Baptist Church, followed by prayers for our community led by Rev. P.C. Thomas of Bible Chapel, Deacon Andrey Donets of Word of Life, and Rev. Efrain Baeza of First Hispanic Baptist Church of Sedalia.

Rev. Jeremiah Greever of First Baptist Church of Sedalia led a special prayer for city, county, state, federal governments, and elected officials. The program was finalized with a closing prayer by Rev. Robert Sisney of the Harmony Baptist Association.

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Western Commissioner Jim Marcum concluded the meeting by thanking all those in attendance and expressing gratitude for the prayers delivered. “I feel so happy for all the prayers offered. I feel like I can go out and tackle any challenge."

For more information, please contact the office of the Pettis County Commission at
826-5000 Ext. 406 or email baezai@pettiscomo.com.

Participating churches included:

Bible Chapel
Burns Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Sedalia
First Hispanic Baptist Church
Harmony Baptist Association
Katy Park Baptist Church
New Life Church Ministries

National Day of Prayer

Gallery Credit: Pettis County Commission

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