Polls closed at 7 and election results in Pettis County were finalized by 8 p.m. Tuesday night at the Pettis County Courthouse.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

In Pettis County, the SFCC $28 million tax bond issue, "Building Strong Futures" secured 51.17 percent of the vote, with 2917 yes votes to 2674 no votes. However, the bond issue needed to pass overall by 57 percent, or 4/7 of the vote, which it did not. The figures above do not represent all the other counties that voted on the issue. The bond would have financed a new technology center on the Sedalia campus and raised taxes by an estimated $48 per 100K of assessed valuation of real and personal property. The current tax levy of 40.8 cents would have increased 25 cents to 65.8 cents.

Voters in Pettis and Benton counties, as well as portions of Johnson, Saline, Morgan and Cooper counties, and the Otterville R-6 School District, all took part in the Tuesday election.

Megan Page is the winner of Sedalia's Fourth Ward Council seat that was being filled by Mary Merritt. Page got 529 votes, or 63.2 % to Merritt's 308 votes, or 36.8 %. Merritt was appointed last fall by Mayor Stephen J. Galliher to fill the unexpired term of Vicky Collins, who resigned her position.

Jason Chamberlin was the big winner in the Pettis County R-5 CO 2 race for school board. Chamberlin received 55.65 % of the vote, with 256 balots cast for him. Janeene Williams, Amy Kreisel and Mike Weathers were the top vote getters in the R-5 Pettis CO 2 race for school board.

Billie Sue Price (46), Kenneth Raines (34) and Pam Hunter (43) beat Elizabeth Thalgott (25) in the Hughesville Trustees race.

Rebecca Lea (28) easily beat Jan Christine Bailey (4) in Houstonia's South Ward.

In La Monte, David Jones (33) edged out Paul Wilbern (30) for mayor. Wanda Bishop was third with 20.

Terry Drum (34) beat Larry A. Canida (22) in La Monte Ward 2.

Leah Mahin (231), Katie Hall (231) and Linda Davis (186) beat Barak Knoernschild (129) in the La Monte R-4 race.

In Green Ridge, Kenneth Ollison (273), Barry White (215) and Bob Stone (265) came out on top in the R-8 school district race.

In Cole Camp. Connie Gerenzden (59), Pete Pierson (40) and Kevin Harms (78) beat out Marilyn Siebert (39) in the R-1 school board race.

In Smithton, Sara Moore (298), John Frazee (235) and Dennis Steele (293) came out on top in the Smithton R-6 school board race.

Dan Hicks (25) beat out Randy Jones (18) in Smithton's West Ward race.

The "Smithton Question" received 47 yes votes and 34 no votes.

Dennis Kueker (15) edged out Joe Campbell (14) by one vote in the West Central Missouri Fire District race.

Pettis County voters chose Rick Rollins (11) for mayor of Windsor, beating out Danny Hampton (4) and Dennis Carter (2).

The "Windsor Question" received 13 yes votes and 4 no votes in Pettis County.

Pettis County voters chose Michael Daugherty (26), Jason Heany (43) and Troy Ebeling (41) in the Henry County  R- School District race.

Pettis County voters chose Mary Ann Matthews (7), Paul Bertschy (8) and Kelly Davis (6) in the Johnson County R-8 School District race.

Pettis County Clerk Nick La Strada said the turnout for Pettis County was the largest in 20 years. “I predicted a 11-13 percent turnout and we had almost 22 percent,” he said. “It's crystal clear that people were very engaged in this process for this election.”

Out of 10 school districts in Pettis County, nine had contested races. In addition, the State Fair tax bond issue was a motivating factor in getting voters numbers up this time.

La Strada credited his poll workers and staff for a smooth operation in Pettis County. “They keep this democracy process rolling,” he quipped.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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