The Pettis County Sheriff's Office responded to an explosion that has occurred at Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, just south of Houstonia around midnight on November 29.

UPDATE: According to emergency services, there were no fatalities or injuries reported in the explosion. Vicki Granado, a spokesperson from Panhandle Eastern, says a 30″ pipeline ruptured just before midnight, causing the explosion.

Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond gave us an update on the fire around 10:30 this morning. Listen to the interview and view photos and video of the fire below.


The Sheriff's office is asking citizens to please remain clear of the area to allow emergency units to respond. Sedalia residents have reported they could see the explosion from their homes.  We'll post further details once we learn more information.

Update on Pipeline Explosion and Fire
Just before 1 this (Friday) afternoon KSIS spoke to Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond about the explosion and fire involving the Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line South of Houstonia. Bond was asked if the fire was out, and he said “There is a lot of hay involved, and it is expected to smolder for days.” Bond also said pipeline experts have been flown in, and are on the scene, but a cause of the explosion was not yet known. KSIS also asked the sheriff if there were any houses close to the explosion? Bond said there is a house and a hog operation in the area, and some of the hog houses were burning when they arrived, but not the house. Sheriff Bond also wanted those who travel in the area to know that all the roads are open now with the exception of McGruder Road between D Highway, and Houston Road.

Another video of the explosion was proided by Jason Knox via the Newstalk 1050 KSIS Facebook page. View the video here.

The following photos of the explosion were provided by photographer Kevin Walker.

Additional photos of the explosion were taken by Tesa Jenkins.