This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.


On March 5th, Timothy W. Paxton was arrested on an outstanding Pettis County warrant.* There was no further information in the report.


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Early Friday morning, while on patrol in the area of Clinton Road and James Lane, Pettis County Deputies witnessed a vehicle being driven by a white female. The Deputy knew the female from previous contacts. Deputies passed the vehicles' information through JCOMM and they verified the vehicle to be registered to that same individual. It was then advised that she had an active warrant from Pettis County for her arrest. Deputies made contact with the driver, Sierra D. Cooper, 30, of Cole Camp. Deputies advised her she had an active warrant, and Cooper stated she was aware of the warrant. The warrant was issued in February 2024, after the citation had been written in October 2023. Cooper was arrested for her Pettis County Warrant for Failure to Appear on original charges of Speeding (20-25 MPH Over). Cooper was transported to the Pettis County Jail, pending a cash-only bond of $231.00.


*In Casenet, there is not a current case listed online for a "Timothy W. Paxton". It is possible that Paxton's warrant in this particular instance is not available to be listed on Casenet. 15SA-CR00514 and 15SA-CR00514-01 note cases with that name, but both of them are dated in 2015. Also, neither of those cases were in Pettis County, as both are listed as Saline County. Paxton is a Tier III Sex Offender, but he is listed in the MSHP Database as Compliant. Tier III offenders have a life time registration requirement and shall report to the CLEO in person every 90-days. Tier III offenders are not eligible to file petition for removal from the sex offender registry, unless the requirement to register results from an adjudicated delinquent (juvenile) adjudication, after 25 years, and the clean record removal is met.


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