When the talk of the Rams moving back to Los Angeles began I knew it was because of money, and the larger market in that city. The fact that the move is purely about the money however is disappointing.

As a Kansas City Chief’s Fan, I would feel as betrayed as the St Louis Rams fans should feel today. Loyalty is supposed to be a two-way street, but that is a fiction when money becomes the motivator. It surly isn’t because the owners of the Rams are in financial trouble, that is making them move, but it is probably the desire for more money than is possible in St. Louis. I do not believe St. Louis could build a good enough stadium to keep the franchise, because that was just the excuse all teams use if they wish to either milk more money out of a city, or as in this case move to sunny California where they have a place to dock their yachts.

I felt the same way when the St. Louis Cardinals Football team left for Arizonia. It seems that gratitude for fans who were always there is never used in the equation when the owners decide to pull up stakes and leave a town that welcomed them with open arms when they relocated from that same city in 1995.

The Rams, like the Cardinals before them, preferred to leave rather than put a better team on the field. As a Chiefs fan through good and bad years, I feel for those in St. Louis who feel they have been jilted by one of the great loves of their lives. I only hope my team appreciates me as much as I do it. Jack Miller

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