The Sedalia Fire Department is instituting a new program in the City of Sedalia for its residents in the hopes of providing additional safety in the event of tornadoes or other severe weather, according to Sedalia Fire Chief Greg Harrell.

“A citizen who had purchased a residential storm shelter contacted us to register the shelter, as per the manufacturers instructions. We were unaware of any such registrations but spent some time looking into the issue and found out that over the past few years there had been several of these type storm shelters installed in the city,” Harrell said.

“With no records to show where they were located it was possible that with trees, or other debris being spread in a tornado or severe weather event, people could be trapped in these shelters with no one knowing of them,” he added.

“We have developed a simple five-question form to be filled out and submitted to the Sedalia Fire Department, where they will then be downloaded to our on-board computers, so that in the event we are dispatched to a specific address or a neighborhood for rescue or storm damage, we will have info on addresses that have shelters we need to check on,” Chief Harrell said.

The form is available at either fire station or on line at the city’s website,

The form can be filled out on line and submitted electronically, so the registrant doesn’t have to leave home to register.

“We hope this is a service we never to provide to anyone but living in the Midwest, we all know the potential for severe storms and this is another tool the Sedalia Fire Department can use to provide assistance to our citizens if needed.” Harrell concluded.

For more information, contact Chief Greg Harrell at 827-7880 or

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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