You may or may not know this about me, but my preferred choice when it comes to listening to music is vinyl. Specifically LP's. Albums. I think it's the easiest way to experience a collection of an artist's songs.  For those of us who still have turntables or a record player at home, shopping for records in West Central Missouri just got a little easier now that Sedalia has another record store.

Record shopping in Sedalia got easier this spring when Josey Records opened a franchised store in the Lamy Building. Yet, in my couple of visits I've found their selection to be just OK. A lot of what they have seems to be geared towards casual impulse buying from people visiting their other businesses for dinner or a cocktail. Don't get me wrong I've bought 20 or so records there, but I've found it harder to find that record I didn't know I needed there versus other record stores I've shopped. So I'm happy to see another record store open.

Jammin' Nuggets Music has opened on South Ohio Street. According to a Sedalia Democrat article that Jammin Nuggets shared on their Facebook page, the store is owned by Deana Taylor and James Harmon. The pair had been selling albums out of their garage until their inventory made that difficult and they decided opening a store was the logical next step.

Looking at the vinyl Jammin' Nuggets has posted on their Discogs web page, I suspect their selection may go deeper than Josey's Sedalia location. While I'm far from a serious record collector, I do keep a list of artists and albums I'm loosely looking for in my brain. They're not albums or artists I'd go into a record store and have someone order for me. However, they're albums or artists that if I see I might be willing to pop $10 - $20 to check out.

And that, combined with finding an album that wasn't on my radar screen to begin with is the fun of shopping for records. The truth is, I could take my list of albums I'm looking for an just go on line and find most of them. But what fun is that? So yes, I am looking forward to heading over to Jammin' Nuggets and pursuing their collection and finding that record I saw on the shelf of my local record store 35 years ago that always intrigued me that I never investigated.

Jammin Nuggets is at 115 S. Ohio Street in Sedalia. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page. If you see a guy in there with a Kix 105.7 hat and a Cubs jacket. That's probably me. Make sure you stop me and say hi.

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