Recent Smith-Cotton High School alumni who are pursuing STEM-related college degrees returned to their alma mater on Tuesday, Dec. 19, to discuss mathematics education, the value of advanced placement and dual credit classes, and the transition to college life with students in teacher Jennifer Crane's third period Calculus class.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

Participating, from left, were Sarah Bergman and Aly Shaw, both at Missouri State University; Abby Knight, Eastern Illinois University; Caroline Young, Truman State University; David Wester, Missouri S&T; Jayce Simoncic, University of Missouri-Columbia; Mikhail Husyev, University of Central Missouri; and Eric Izazaga and Matthew Walker, both at Missouri S&T.

Crane said everyone on the panel was one of her former Calculus I students. "They provided valuable insight on what to expect in college when taking their required math courses, namely Calculus II," she said.

"They shared with the class that they have found success in college by getting to know their professors, utilizing study groups, utilizing office hours and tutorials, and balancing their lives as college students," Crane said.

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