The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team placed second in the large school division at the Warrensburg Math Relays on Nov. 18.

Sedalia School District 200

Leading S-C with first-place finishes were the Senior Team (Val Toderescu, David Cho, AJ Wilkinson, and Dustin Belsha), the Junior Team (Vlad Husyev, Akaycia Mather, Edward Toderescu, and Maria Aonzo) and the Mixed Team (Andrew Matz, Breana Hoover, Alex Beard and Evan Luebbert). In addition, Malacki Ehlers took first as Top Freshmen (Division III).

Other individual awards for Smith-Cotton:

Advanced Topics: David Cho, senior, second place; Allison Eppenauer, senior, sixth place; and Dustin Belsha, senior, ninth place.

Algebra Equations 9: Andrew Matz, third place; Malacki Ehlers, fourth place; Dillan Kessing, fifth place; Arena Brenich, sixth place.

Algebra 9 Simplify: Malacki Ehlers, Michael Cho, tied for first place; Arena Brenich, eighth place; Andrew Matz, ninth place.

Algebra 10: Hunter Sparks, fifth place; Madisyn Mabrey, seventh place.

Algebra 11: Edward Toderescu, second place; Akaycia Mather, fifth Place; Vladislav Husyev, seventh place; Katerina Sheremet, eighth place.

Algebra 12: Val Toderescu, first place; David Cho, third place; Evan Luebbert, sixth place; Emily Kindle, 10th place.

Biology 9-10: Malacki Ehlers, first place; Jacob Aklin, second place; Madisyn Mabrey, eighth place.

Chemistry 10-12: Alex Beard, fifth place; Maria Aonzo, sixth place; and Allison Eppenauer, 10th place.

Physical Science 9-10: Andrew Matz, sixth place; Michael Cho, seventh place; Arena Brenich, eighth place.

Physics 11-12: Evan Luebbert, third place; Carson Lewellyn, senior, fourth place; Vladislav Husyev, fifth place; Carlos Guzman, 10th place.

Complex Numbers: Dustin Belsha, first place; Carson Lewellyn, third place; Emily Kindle, fifth place; AJ Wilkinson, sixth place.

Functions: David Cho, third place; Allison Eppenauer, fifth place; Evan Luebbert, seventh place; Val Toderescu, nionth place.

Geometry 9: Andrew Matz, second place; Malacki Ehlers, third place; Arena Brenich, fifth place; Michael Cho, eighth place.

Geometry 10: Hunter Sparks, sixth place; Breana Hoover, seventh place; Cailiosa Dempsey, eighth place.

Geometry 11: Alex Beard, third place; Akaycia Mather, seventh place; Maria Aonzo, eighth place.

Geometry 12: Vladislav Husyev, first place; Dustin Belsha, fifth place; Edward Toderescu, sixth place.

Graphing 10: Hunter Sparks, second place; Jacob Aklin, sixth place.

Graphing 11: Edward Toderescu, third place; Vladislav Husyev, fifth place; Alex Beard, sixth place; Akaycia Mather, eighth place.

Probability: Dustin Belsha, third place; Alex Beard, fifth place; Michael Cho, sixth place; AJ Wilkinson- eighth place.

Trigonometry: David Cho, second place; Evan Luebbert, sixth place; Allison Eppenauer, seventh place; Val Toderescu, eighth place.

Word Problems 9: Malacki Ehlers, first place; Michael Cho, seventh place; Andrew Matz, eighth place; Arena Brenich, ninth place.

Word Problems 10: Hunter Sparks, fourth place; Madisyn Mabrey, fifth place; Cailiosa Dempsey, 10th place.

Word Problems 11: Alex Beard, third place; Katerina Sheremet, 10th place.

Word Problems 12: Edward Toderescu, first place; Akaycia Mather, second place; Vladislav Husyev, third place.

Smith-Cotton Freshman Team: Arena Brenich, Michael Cho, Malacki Ehlers and Dillan Kessing, second place.

Smith-Cotton Sophomore Team: Hunter Sparks, Reagan Mullins, Jacob Acklin and Cailiosa Dempsey, third place.

Top Freshmen (Division III): Andrew Matz, fifth place.

Top Sophomores (Division III): Hunter Sparks, fourth place.

Top Juniors (Division III): Edward Toderescu, second place; Vladislav Husyev, fifth place.

Top Seniors (Division III): David Cho, third place.
In the photo: The Smith-Cotton High Math team finished in second place in the large school division at the Warrensburg Relays held Nov. 18 at Warrensburg High School.