The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team placed second in the large school division at the California Math Relays on Dec. 1.

The S-C Sophomore Team (Malacki Ehlers, Gavin Walkington, Michael Cho and Kylie Neal) and Mixed Team (Michael Castiglia, Andrew Matz, Jacob Acklin and Vlad Husyev) each took first in their respective categories.

Individual awards for Smith-Cotton included:

Algebra 9: Michael Castiglia, fourth; Peyton Kuhlman, seventh; Alisa Sonnik, eighth; Azidro Mather, 10th

Algebra 10: Malacki Ehlers, third; Andrew Matz, fourth; Michael Cho, ninth

Algebra 11: Ethan Daly, third; Kylie Neal, fourth; Jacob Acklin, fifth

Pre-Calculus: Carlos Guzman, first

Calculus: Akaycia Mather, third; Katelynn Montgomery, fifth; Vlad Husyev, seventh; Maria Aonzo, eighth

Geometry 9: Alisa Sonnik, sixth; Peyton Kuhlman, seventh; Michael Castiglia, ninth

Geometry 10: Malacki Ehlers, first; Andrew Matz, third; Ethan Daly, seventh; Kylie Neal, 10th

Graphing 11: Jacob Acklin, first; David Rogers, eighth; Michael Cho, ninth

Trigonometry: Vlad Husyev, third; Akaycia Mather, sixth; Katelynn Montgomery, eighth

Hodge Podge: Ashley Thomlinson, first; Carlos Guzman, ninth; Gavin Walkington, 10th

Word Problems 9: Alisa Sonnik, fourth; Michael Castiglia, seventh; Peyton Kuhlman, ninth; Azidro Mather, 10th

Word Problems 10: Malacki Ehlers, fourth; Ethan Daly, fifth; Michael Cho, 10th

Word Problems 11: Jacob Acklin, third; David Rogers, 10th

Word Problems 12: Katelynn Montgomery, sixth; Carlos Guzman, eighth; Maria Aonzo, 10th

Statistics and Probability: Vlad Husyev, second; Akaycia Mather, fourth; Kylie Neal, fifth

Manual Computations 9: Alisa Sonnik, sixth; Peyton Kuhlman, seventh; Michael Castiglia, eigthth

Manual Computations 10: Andrew Matz, first; Ethan Daly, fourth; Kylie Neal, 10th

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

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