Average ACT scores for the combined 2015 high school graduate classes of Helias Catholic in Jefferson City, Father Tolton Regional Catholic in Columbia and Sacred Heart in Sedalia have exceeded the Missouri statewide high school student ACT average for the fifth consecutive year, according to the latest report of the ACT organization in Iowa City, Iowa.

The statewide student averages were 21.4, 21.0, 22.2 and 21.7 in the individual sections of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. The three combined high schools posted student averages of 24.9, 23.8, 24.5, and 23.8 in those categories—ranging from 9.7% higher (science) to 16.4% higher (English) than the statewide numbers for those sections.

“While Diocese of Jefferson City Catholic schools form students in moral character and encourage accomplishments in sports and the fine arts, the ACT scores provide evidence of the rigorous academics that underpin our educational mission,” said Sister Elizabeth Youngs, superintendent of Catholic schools for the diocese of Jefferson City.

According to the ACT organization, the diocesan high school scores predict college readiness for all areas, especially science and math. They all exceed ACT benchmarks for success in each study area.

“These scores indicate that students are benefitting from a challenging academic experience and are prepared for success in college,” Youngs said.

Youngs also noted that the graduating class of 2015 had the highest average scores of any diocesan high school graduate classes in the past 5 years (2011-2015).

(Courtesy of  Diocese of Jefferson City Catholic Schools)