Santa is coming! Santa is Coming! To the Warrensburg Community Center on Thursday December 17.

This is a free event happening outside the Community Center from 5:30 PM -8:00 PM CST. There will be Christmas music, candy canes and hot cocoa. Plus attendees will get to meet the Warrensburg Police Departments K9 friend Negan.

Santa won't be arriving with his reindeer and sleigh though. Instead he'll be arriving in style in Warrensburg Fire Department's antique fire engine. In talking to Santa's head elf, I found out that the parking lot at the Community Center just isn't right for Santa to make a great landing there. So instead he'll be landing at Skyhaven Airport and the fire department volunteered to help him get into town in-style.

Santa's head elf also confirmed to me that he'll be happy to pose for socially distant photos with all his friends and families in attendance. And that Warrensburg Parks and Rec has been a big help in him planning this year's trip.

Additionally, Santa's head elf reminded me to mention to you that you can drop off your letters to Santa in Santa's mailbox in the Warrensburg Community Center lobby until December 18. He said that Warrensburg Parks and Recreation will get them to Santa and to make sure you include a return address so Santa can answer your letter.

The Warrensburg Community Center is located at 445 East Gay Street. You can learn more about Santa's trip to Warrensburg and Santa's mailbox in the Community Center on the Warrensburg Parks and Rec Facebook page.

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