The City of Sedalia announced on Friday afternoon that the Sedalia Animal Shelter will be opening Monday, May 4 with restrictions.

“If you are feeling ill or have been running a fever then please have the courtesy to stay home. All lives matter and we are truly all in this together.

Due to the size of the lobby we will only be able to allow five people in the lobby. Be a courteous guest and check with the front desk employees before bringing yourself or your group in.

The Sedalia Animal Shelter will have a “No Mask – No Entry” policy. Your mask protects us; we will wear a mask also to protect you.

Social distancing MUST be practiced while in our facility.

Due to the limited amount of visitors per day and the limited amount of space within our shelter, the amount of stray intakes will be limited as well. We will “loosen the leash” on this as state restrictions for businesses are loosened.

We will not be allowing volunteers at this time. We and our furry friends look forward to having you all back just as much as you do – but our main concern is to keep everyone safe.

If you are looking for a forever furry family member – they are looking for you and need you too! With lobby space being limited we need to make sure that those visiting are people who intend to help provide these pets a new home. “

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