Everybody that has kids is always looking for something new, fun and creative to keep them entertained. Well, you may not have thought of this option: a day camp here in Sedalia. In fact, there's an established organization here in town that brings in kids and teachers from all over here to Sedalia to open up creative minds locally. That organization is Camp Blue Sky.

Camp Blue Sky has been around for about 16 years, and they have their camp out on the State Fair Community College grounds. They get kids and teachers together for all sorts of creative, fun activities.  They dance, sing, paint, sculpt, write, and express themselves in new and inventive ways.  This year's theme is "Here Now, Create Tomorrow."

I spoke with Barbara Cooney with CBS, and she filled us in on a lot of the details.

You can visit their website for other details, or you can call Barbara at 660-826-6292, email them at mycampbluesky@gmail.com, or find them on Facebook. Don't miss out on your chance to get your kids creatively thinking about the future!

Blue Skyin',