Sedalia Middle School students were rewarded Monday with a visit from an exotic zoo.

Students in Kelsey Griffin's English class wrote animal research papers and opinion papers on whether animals should be in zoos.

To celebrate the students' successes, Thorni Ridge Exotics came to the school grounds and brought an African Crested Porcupine, Spurred Tortoises, a zebra, llama, baby kangaroos and more. The students also enjoyed animal-themed games and snacks.

PIC1: Fifth grader Loghan Ledbetter reacts to an alpaca licking her hand in a quest for more food pellets on Monday at Sedalia Middle School. Students in teacher Kelsey Griffin's English class were treated with a visit from Thorni Ridge Exotics as a reward for their work on animal-themed research papers and commentaries.

PIC2: Miguel Blas provides clues to fellow students to see if they can guess which animal he was assigned by teacher Niki Kelley. His classmates correctly determined it was the flamingo.

PIC3: Savannah McGinnis flies onto the cushioned landing area on the animal rescue obstacle course. Students ran through the course, grabbed a stuffed animal from the desk and returned it to the starting point.

PIC5: Avery Belt feeds a small zebra that was brought to Sedalia Middle School by Thorni Ridge Exotics.

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