At first glance, it might appear that the Katy Park Skate Park is closed, but a closer look reveals that the numerous laminated pink signs that adorn the chain link fence clearly state that the skate park is open and to enter from the south.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation Director Amy Epple noted that she is currently looking for a contractor to finish up the work, so the fence can be removed permanently.

But the project is a small one, and finding bidders to complete patch work has been quite the task.

“We're leaving (the fence) up right now, because if we take it down, we have to pay for it to be put back up again. We're having a really hard time finding a contractor to bid on it. It's not a project they will make much money on … but (the skate park) is open to the public,” Epple said.

Epple spoke at the conclusion of a speedy, 12-minute Park Board meeting held Tuesday at Convention Hall. The agenda originally called for board members to take a tour of the Heckart Community Center, but the tour was canceled due to the rainy weather and muddy conditions.

However, Epple did provide an update on the progress being made on the site of the former Jennie Jaynes Stadium on South Limit.

A $149,293.14 change order was approved by Park Board for kitchen equipment at the Center. That brings the total amount owed to Paric Construction to $14,054,293.14.

The kitchen equipment was intentionally not included in the original bid, Epple pointed out, due to the fact that it was unknown exactly what equipment would be needed by the Sedalia Senior Center at the time.

“We're still under budget,” Epple said.

Progress at the Heckart is “coming along very nicely,” Epple said, adding that the pool is the slowest part of the project.

“Right now, they have it all dug out, then they'll start sandblasting and doing all the concrete work, then you have painting and tile,” she noted.

“But the gym is looking great. The fitness area is looking good. They're painting the office area, and cabinets will be added to the kitchen,” she said.

Epple said she hopes to add fresh photos to the Parks & Rec website in the next few days to show the progress being made on the Heckart.

At Hubbard Park, a planned splash pad will need to be slightly relocated due to unstable ground at the site. Epple explained that where the old pool used to be, specifically the pump room, lots of debris was located, including concrete and other material that was used to fill in the hole.

So the splash pad will be relocated slightly to the north of the planned location. That will allow for the opportunity to add one more shelter house in the area, Epple noted.

The move will set back the schedule by about two weeks.

Epple was expected to meet with Capris Pools Friday morning, and determine a time when the construction will begin in about two weeks at Hubbard.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby