The Sedalia Park Board met Thursday night at Convention Hall and heard an update on the maintenance taking place at Liberty Park Pool.

The repair updates stem from ongoing maintenance at Liberty Pool, which is scheduled to open May 26.

According to information in the board packet, some of the updates included maintenance crews locating a set of test plugs for 14-inch pipe and filling the line for a pressure test. The test lasted approximately 8 hours at 17 psi. In that time, there was a reported loss of 1 psi but no wet areas at the flanges.

The caulking contractor did find a 3 x 1/2 inch void in a joint after removing expansion material in the deep end of the pool. All joints in the deep end were then repaired and filled with water, with no loss recorded. Repairs at the deep end of the pool are now complete.

Other recent repairs include the zero entry section of the pool basin and deck being removed and poured back into place.

Sedalia Parks and Rec Director, Amy Epple, indicated special attention was now being paid to the bathhouse facility in order for the pool to open in time.

Due to the condition of the concrete floor in the bathhouse, the entire interior floor was removed. It was noted there were areas of broken concrete that needed to be replaced.

Some of the other bathhouse repair work included installing thirty-four resistance piers to help support and stop settling and migration of the men's bathhouse shower room. The concrete floor in the men's shower room has been poured into place.

Other topics covered during Thursday night's meeting included the discussion of weather being a major factor in refilling the Liberty Park Lagoon. Epple noted the lagoon has to fill naturally with rain water. She added that the fire department can't fill the lagoon due to chlorine in the water, which would kill the fish.

Board member, Roy Poynter, expressed that a lot of rain at one time and rain run-off would help fill the lagoon quickly but weather is always a factor.

In other action, the board was updated on the end of the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget. The Parks and Rec Department ended with $121,586.05 in the positive. It was noted that figure was preliminary as of May 1.

The issue of parking in restricted spaces during summer sports was also discussed.

Epple urged residents to abide by the NO Parking signs for the safety of patrons and vehicles. The biggest parking concern is by the ball fields, where an ambulance may need to get on the field in the case of an emergency.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith


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