This article is compiled from the Sedalia Police Department crime reports.


Thursday morning, Officers responded to a report of vandalism at Gill’s Signs, 543 East 5th Street. Officers spoke with the reporting party, who explained the damage to the property. The reporting party did not have any information on the suspect.


Sedalia Police were dispatched to the lobby of the Police Department Thursday afternoon in reference to fraud. John D. Grandfield reported fraudulent activity on a checking account. Officers made contact with the reporting party, who stated the incident happened in the 1800 block of South Warren Avenue. Information was gathered, and a report was submitted.


Officers were dispatched to a vehicle crash on West Broadway boulevard, west of Winchester Drive in the eastbound lane on Thursday afternoon. Officers were advised by Dispatch that one of the drivers had active warrant for their arrest. Jaden Kupuniai Cornelio, 22, of Sedalia, was arrested for two different Failure to Appear warrants on charges of Speeding (26 MPH or More) and Driving While Suspended*. Cornelio was transported to the Pettis County Jail to be booked pending a total cash bond on both warrants of $375.00.


In the early morning hours of January 17th, Officers arrived at the St Patrick’s Catholic Church, 415 East 4th Street, for a call for service. As Officers entered the building, they identified Thomas L. Gibbs, 56, of Sedalia, who was suspected of having a warrant for his arrest. His warrant was confirmed a short time later. In the original incident, which occurred in September 2023, Officers had responded to the 1500 block of South Moniteau Avenue in regards to a home invasion. In that incident, Gibbs had telephoned Police, believing his wife was being held hostage. When Officers arrived, they saw Thomas standing on the front porch with two knives in his hand. Thomas was ordered to drop the knives, but kept trying to look inside the house. Thomas complied, but told Officers there were people in the bushes, and that the scarecrow in between the houses was a real person. Thomas admitted he was not supposed to be at the residence, because his wife had an order of protection against him. Thomas continued to warn Officers about people in the bushes and the scarecrow. Officers did check, and found nothing. Gibbs was ordered to blow into a PBT, which showed a .000 BAC. Gibbs was then transported to the Pettis County Jail, pending a $250 cash only bond**. Gibbs was booked in on his Failure to Appear warrant on original charges of Violation of an Order of Protection.


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Wednesday night, Officers were dispatched to the 3200 block of South Limit Avenue in reference to a theft from inside a vehicle. Andrea Rohr reported her purse, and the items within it had been stolen. At the time of the report, the suspect is unknown.


Sedalia Police performed a traffic stop on a silver Ford SUV, as the vehicle had defective brake lights. The traffic stop took place on Thursday night, in the area of West 16th Street and South Stewart Avenue. Officers discovered the driver had an active Failure to Appear warrant from Pettis County for her arrest issued in October 2022, from a citation in June of 2022. Margaret Michelle Keele, 37, of Sedalia, was arrested for her FTA warrant on a charge of Driving While Suspended. Keele, who the report notes was covered in cuts and bruises, was transported to the Pettis County Jail to be booked with a cash only bond of $100.00.


Thursday night, Officers were on scene at the Casey’s general store, 1601 East Broadway Boulevard, for a separate incident. Officers located knuckles lying on the ground, near the building. They were taken and entered into evidence for destruction.


Wednesday evening, Officers were dispatched to the 1200 block of South Ohio Avenue in regard to a report of found property. Walter Doyal reported he found a bicycle on his property.


Sedalia Police responded to the 500 block of West 3rd Street Thursday morning for a call of burglary. Officers made contact with Amarie Polk, and found the residence had items taken from it. Damage to the interior of the residence was also apparent. The suspect has not been identified at this time, and report was made.


Officers were dispatched to Advantage Metals Recycling, 300 North Iron Avenue, on Wednesday afternoon in reference to a possibly stolen vehicle. Officers made contact with the subject who has possession of the vehicle. The car was seized and towed for safekeeping.


Sunday afternoon, Officers responded to the 3100 block of South Grand Avenue for a theft report. On arrival, Officers made contact with Grant Pritchard, who stated an Amazon package had been stolen off his front porch. The package was valued at $38.95. A video of the suspect was available. At the time of the report, the suspect has not been located.


Wednesday morning, Officers responded to the lobby of the Police Department in reference to a stolen credit card that was fraudulently used. Officers spoke with Brock A. Simon, who stated their credit card was stolen and then used a business in the 800 block of West 16th Street. Officers collected the information and submitted a report.


Wednesday afternoon, Officers responded to the Probation and Parole office for a warrant check. On arrival, Officers made contact with Kyle G. Lindgren, 28, of Sedalia. A computer check through Dispatch confirmed his warrant to be active on a charge of Harassment. In the original incident, which occurred in December 2023, Officers were dispatched to investigate a report of a suspicious person. The caller’s neighbor was going from house to house asking people if he could spread tobacco on their lawns. Lindgren was contacted by Police, and told to go back home and stay inside. Lindgren later sent several threatening text messages to the caller, saying things like “Call the cops again see what happens”. Officers went to Lindgren’s residence, where his Mother allowed entry, and took them to Lindgren’s room, where he was sleeping. Officers woke him up and placed him under arrest, but Lindgren ended up being admitted to the BRHC. Lindgren had been asked to blow into a Breathalyzer, and his BAC levels were at .344. The probable cause report notes that due to Lindgren’s alcoholism, he would have adverse withdrawal symptoms, and staff requested he be admitted. A warrant for Lindgren’s arrest was issued in January 2024. Lindgren was transported to the Pettis County Jail to be booked in on a charge of Harassment in the 2nd Degree, and issued a bond of $1500 cash or surety.


*Casenet 230508841 and 23PT-TR00046 note the tickets were given to Cornelio in October of 2023 and May of 2023. He did not attend the hearings nor did he pay the fines, so a Notice of Suspension was issued to Cornelio in December 2023. On the citation in August of 2023, Cornelio was travelling at a speed of 97 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. In the citation he received in May 2023, he was travelling at a speed of 81 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

**Casenet 23PT-CR01285 states that on January 17th, Gibbs was released of his own recognizance. The entry notes “OR bond allowed because his matter began with a summons, and a warrant was issued because the summons was not served.”


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