Sedalia Police responded to 1815 South Kentucky Avenue about 3:30 AM CST on Friday, December 10 in response to a shooting.

First responders found Tylar Simon, 32, suffering from a gunshot wound. Lifesaving measures were attempted by the Sedalia Fire Department and the Pettis County Ambulance District however Mr. Simon succumbed to his injuries.

Sedalia Police detectives have been investigating over 40 leads in connection to the shooting. And also processing evidence and speaking with witnesses. On Monday, December 13 Sedalia Police announced they have a suspect or suspects in the homicide and they are juveniles. One juvenile has been placed in custody for the homicide.

The name of the juvenile in custody is not being released due to the suspect's age.

Sedalia Police are continuing to follow up leads and work their investigation. They request anyone with information on this homicide to contact Sedalia Police Department Commander David Woolery at 660-827-7823 Extension 1204.

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