Last week was the beginning of District 200's school year, and Sacred Heart started a day before them. Today is probably the "real" beginning of the school year since the first two days are normally orientation and acclimation.

So last week, I asked you guys how this year's start to the school year hit you and your family. It seems like there are all sorts of different opinions on the start of the school year. Some people dread it, some kids can't wait, and some parents can't wait either. I'm sure everyone has their different reasons. Now that all the shopping is done, all the bus routes are set, and everybody knows where their locker is, here's some of the results of our poll.

Apparently we're split 50/50! Half of responders said they were ready, but their kids weren't, and the other half think that neither the kids nor the adults were ready.

So why not weigh in and let me know what you think!

Educationally yours,

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