The City of Sedalia will continue chip and seal and crack sealing on Sedalia streets next week. The following is a list of streets where maintenance is planned for the week of July 2.


7/2 (Monday)

E. 13th St. from S. Ingram Ave. to S. Engineer Ave.
E. 19th St. from S. Ingram Ave. to S. Engineer Ave.
S. Hancock Ave. from E. Broadway Ave. to E. 13th St.
E. 20th St. from S. Wagner Ave. east to the dead end

Chip and seal places a coating of road oil on the existing city street followed by a layer
of fine crushed rock. A roller is then run over the chips to embed some of them into the
asphalt and hold the road oil in place. The layer of crushed chips including some loose
chips remain on the street to prevent “bleeding” through of the oil to other surfaces, such as vehicles.


7/3 (Tuesday), 7/5 (Thursday), W. 16th St. from S. Limit. Ave. to S. Barrett Ave.
7/6 (Friday)

Crack sealing is similar to chip & seal without the crushed rock. The road oil fills cracks to keep most water out from under the roadway. When water is kept out, pavement deterioration is slowed, extending the life of the roadway.

In areas where City crews are maintaining the roadway, motorists may expect delays due to lane restrictions and may want to consider using alternate routes.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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