The Sedalia City Council conducted its first business meeting of 2020 with items concerning finance and administration, public works and public safety.

Under finance and administration, a two-year audit extension was approved for the City of Sedalia, Sedalia Water Department and Pension Trust Funds.

The bid went to Gerding, Korte and Chitwood for the City's annual audit and to Williams Keepers, LLC, for the pension fund audit for the past three years (2017-2019). The audits will be re-bid in 2021, it was noted.

Council also approved removing the title of Building Official from the list of appointed officials by the Mayor.

The CBO, or Chief Building Official, was once considered a department head. Since then, a Community Development Director position was created and hired (John Simmons) and the CBO was incorporated into the new structure. Therefore, the department director is no longer the CBO.

An ordinance was approved between Sedalia and Springbrook Holding Co., LLC, to add a software module for CivicPay online. Online billing and the payment system is an add-on to the base billing package, according to the vendor. City staff was under the impression that it was included. The vendor has since waived the implementation costs and cut the first-year license in half. The cost is $3,000.

Under Public Works, a change order was approved for “cured-in-place” piping of various sanitary sewer lines for work done by Insituform Technologies USA, LLC. The cost is $6,049.45.

Foley Equipment Company got approval for a three-year extension for maintenance on five Sedalia Water Department emergency generators. The generators are used as back-up power for Water Department operations. Total cost is $3,031.66.

Under Public Safety, City Attorney Anne Gardner used templates from other agencies to come up with local ordinances to mirror requirements in the state amendment concerning medical marijuana. Details were presented to Council on Monday, and she will bring a finalized version to them at a later date.

The Sedalia Police Department identified some records that have met their retention requirements and requested they be destroyed.

Council made amendments to the budget to appropriate funds from donations and grants for specific items in the Sedalia Police Department. The action authorized expenditures.

Erica Eisenmeger was re-appointed to a three-year term to the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission as a motel representative. Her term will now expire Dec. 31, 2022.

There were seven liquor license renewals approved Monday night during the 41-minute meeting:

Tyison Madnuson dba American Legion $642, 2016 West Main, for Sunday Sales, $300

Erica L. Eisenmenger dba Ivory Grille, LLC, 317 South Ohio, for Sunday Sales, $300

Cathy Goetz dba Break Time #3084, 318 West Broadway, for Packaged Liquor, $150

Paul Scott Hunnell dba Walgreens #7428, 801 South Limit, Packaged Liquor and Sunday Sales, $450

Scott Hewett dba Colton's Steak House & Grill, 4101 West Broadway, Liquor by the Drink and Sunday Sales, $450

Calvin Hunt dba Wood's Supermarket, Inc., 1400 South Limit, Packaged Liquor, Sunday Sales and Taste Testing, $487.50

Crystal Sims dba Wood's Supermarket, 701 East Broadway, Taste Testing, $37.50

A public hearing concerning an annexation petition for Deer Brook Villas, Phase 3, led off the main portion of the meeting.

Dianne Simon, Thompson Hills Investment Corp., 908 Thompson Blvd., was the only speaker who stood up and spoke in favor of the senior housing development project, located at 960 Mitchell Road on the west side of Sedalia.

The land in question to be annexed is owned by E.W. Thompson, Inc. The proposed zoning is C-3 commercial.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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