The upcoming general municipal elections in April will include some changes in where you vote. Pettis County Clerk Nick LaStrada announced that in the interest of working with schools and keeping schools as secure and safe as possible, that several polling locations would consolidate in our area and move locations.

“Your polling location may be changing due to the latest consolidation we are putting into affect as of right now,“ Nick LaStrada said, “This is only for 2nd Ward, 3rd Ward and 4th Ward. If you voted previously at the Courthouse or Washington School, you will now vote at First Baptist Church ( 200 E. 6th st. ); If you previously voted at Parkview Elementary School, you will now vote at New Hope Baptist Church ( 664 E. 16th st. ); If you Previously voted at Antioch Fellowship, Skyline Elementary School, or Horace Mann Elementary School, you will now vote at First United Methodist Church (Celebration Center) ( 1701 W 32nd st.).”

You can listen to our interview with Nick LaStrata in it's entirety here:

Assistant Superintendent of Schools Brad Pollitt said after visitors had to be buzzed in and checked into the schools that it he felt this would be a good measure to take.  LaStrada said that working with the churches was logical since those locations will now have more parking and the ability to cut down on polling locations, which will bring additional savings to the election process. The Pettis County Courthouse was dropped as a voting location since both elections and court dates also happen on Tuesdays. The polling location was moved to the First Baptist Church.

Here are the updated Pettis County Voting locations for future elections.

View 2013 Pettis County Polling Locations in a larger map

New voter cards should be coming out soon.  If you do not receive the card by March, contact the Pettis County Clerk at 660-826-5000 x 400.