Sacred Heart extended their shutout streak to six games and have now won eight of the past nine games with a victory over the Stover Bulldogs in the second round of the Kaysinger Conference Tournament.

The bulldogs employed an effective defensive formation, keeping 10 players behind the ball and creating a crowded offensive third for the Gremlins. The Grems stayed patient though, completing 121 passes in the first half alone (186 completed passes for the game).  Sophomore Oswaldo Garcia broke through with six minutes remaining in the first half to give the Grems the lead.

Trailing by a goal forced the Bulldogs to open up their attack which gave the Gremlins more room on the sides to attack with width. Senior Lucas Martin moved to an outside midfielder to give the Grems a greater offensive presence from the width of the field.  The tactical switch paid immediate benefits with a Martin goal just five minutes into the second half.

Senior John Ulbrich continued his emergence as an offensive force by dribbling from his own defensive third to inside the six yard box for a goal. Lucas Martin then added his second goal of the game off an Oswaldo Garcia assist to make it 4-0.

The final goal of the game from freshmen forward George Bain IV. GBIV received an excellent cross from Freshman Luke Jenkins and buried a shot into the back of the net for a 5-0 Gremlins victory. The Gremlin defense led by Senior goalkeeper Dallin Chappell have now played 520 straight minutes without surrendering a goal.

The Gremlins (8-4) play Cole Camp for the Conference Tournament Championship on Friday night at 8 p.m. in Stover.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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