Tuesday night's City Council meeting began with a moment of silence for former Sedalia Mayor Jane Gray, who died June 26.

Gray began her time with the City of Sedalia as a Fourth Ward Councilman in 1983. In 1991, she served as councilman and acting mayor. And Gray served as mayor from April 20, 1992 to April 15, 2002.

Mayor Kehde, Fire Chief Greg Harrell, City Clerk Arlene Silvey, and Council members Rhiannon Foster and Bob Cross had nothing but kind words for Sedalia's first female mayor.

Sedalia Firefighter Joseph Parnell was then recognized for five years of service.

Council then heard a presentation from Central Bank's Erica Peterson, business development and marketing director for the bank, on a proposal to help promote the community.

The idea is to publish a 10 to 12-page full-color pamphlet produced by Callis Integrated Marketing to showcase Sedalia as a great place to live, work and shop. Around 100 to 150 pamphlets will be produced initially, with annual updates.

A presentation from City Administrator Kelvin Shaw then followed, concerning a proposed Lodging Code for the City.

The proposed code in necessary for the safety of hotel guests, Shaw noted. "They're relying on us to ensure their safety," he commented.

Under Public Safety, Council passed an ordinance authorizing an agreement with Spay and Neuter Clinic for the Sedalia Animal Shelter for veterinary services. The clinic does not currently have X-ray capabilities, it was noted. As a result, the City will continue to work with Advanced Pet Care, 2931 Clinton Road, for all X-Ray needs.

Council approved a resolution authorizing the Sedalia Police Department to act as an agent for the City in applying for a 2021 Justice Assistance Grant, or JAG, for distribution and use of any awarded funds. The plan this year is to purchase a dual band radio that will better facilitate communications with other law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Forty percent of the grant will pass through to Pettis County, it was noted through a memorandum of understanding.

Shaw then gave another presentation concerning the Whiteman Area Leadership Council (WALC) concerning a housing study

Council approved a resolution and ordinance authorizing an increase in spending for training on the Human Resources module of Springbrook, a software package the City uses for accounting and payroll, among other functions.

Finance and Administration Chairman Steve Bloess noted that none of the current staff was here when the system was originally installed. The vendor stated that it would take 20 hours at a cost of $3,580 to train the staff. It is hoped that the training will allow for a redesign of methods to get the most out of the software to help manage human resources.

Under Public Works, Council approved a one-year contract extension with S & A Equipment and Builders for sidewalk replacement with an increase in cost of 4.64 percent, to $7.33 per square foot.

Also, Council approved a contract with Emery Sapp and Sons for $426,286.30 for mill and overlay work on various streets in Sedalia. On tap is repair of Grand from Broadway to Clinton Road, and the City parking lot at 3rd and Lamine. The plan is to grind away two inches of damaged asphalt and fix any base failures, then overlay a new surface of asphalt on the roadway.

In the bid specs, an option to include fortifying material was agreed upon due to the large amount of truck traffic Grand receives daily. The added cost is warranted and still within the budgeted amount, it was noted.

According to Community Development Director John Simmons, the City of Sedalia will have two booths at the 2021 Missouri State Fair. One will be at the traditional location inside the Mathewson Exhibition Center, and the other will be located outside the old Administration Building.

Darian Weeks, 108 East Fifth, was appointed to the Central Business and Cultural District Board of Directors for a three-year term expiring July 2024. The position was formerly held by Michelle Swords.

Council granted a new liquor license to Jyotiben J. Modi dba Liquor Locker, 513 W. Main, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450.

Council granted renewals to Crystal Sims dba Woods Super Market, Inc., 701 E. Broadway, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450, Dianna Greene dba Little Big Horn, 150 South Limit, for beer and wine, $75, and Brad Wikstrom dba Craft Beer Cellar, 700 South Ohio, for liquor by the drink, Sunday sales and sidewalk consumption, $800, and Erica Eisenmenger, dba Ivory Grille, LLC, 317 South Ohio, for sidewalk consumption, $50.

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