Skyline Elementary kindergartners had a couple of presidential visitors on Tuesday, Feb. 23, to enhance their lessons about U.S. leaders.

Teachers Tina Emery, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, and Jessica Lutjen, decked out as George Washington, surprised their classes and quizzed the students about what they knew about the presidents.

The students correctly noted that Washington was the first president and Lincoln was the 16th, and that Washington did not live in the White House. The students also noted the differences between Washington’s tricorn hat and Lincoln’s stovepipe.

As they continue their presidential studies, the students will learn why Washington and Lincoln were important, take a virtual tour of the White House and read the books “Duck for President” and “My Teacher for President” to learn more about the voting process.
Emery said the students caught on quickly, but the teachers remained in character and had fun with the lesson.

“The students’ reactions were priceless,” she said. “They were sure we were their teachers dressed up in costumes.”

In the photos:
PIC1: Skyline Elementary School kindergartner Shelby Graham, center, discusses the differences between George Washington’s tricorn hat and Abraham Lincoln’s stovepipe hat during the Tuesday, Feb. 23, lesson about the presidents. Teacher Jessica Lutjen, left, portrayed Washington while teacher Tina Emery, right, was Lincoln.

PIC2: Abraham Lincoln (teacher Tina Emery) talks about how much he liked to read during his kindergarten classroom visit.

PIC3: George Washington (teacher Jessica Lutjen) makes his entrance for Tuesday’s talk about the presidency.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200