Smith-Cotton Junior High officials have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of a new opportunity for students, the Pound For Pound weightlifting club.

Sedalia School District 200

Social studies teacher Jeremy Brownfield, one of the club’s creators and sponsors, helped start the effort informally in Fall 2015; more than 100 students signed up. The club is for seventh and eighth grade students, both male and female.

“We were honestly not expecting that many students to sign up for the club,” Brownfield said. (Assistant Principal Brett Hieronymus) said it was a good problem to have such high numbers.”

Sedalia School District 200

Brownfield, Hieronymus and industrial arts teacher Nick Gentges ran the program through the 2015-16 school year. They approached S-C Junior High Principal Jason Curry and won his support for Pound For Pound to become a district-approved activity. The Sedalia 200 school board approved the club for the 2017-18 school year.

“We flip tires, push sleds, lift weights, etc.,” Brownfield said. “We created this club to open more opportunities for students to be involved. Students do not have to be athletic to be in the weight lifting club. No special talent is required. All they have to do is be willing to work hard and have a good attitude.”

Hieronymus’s administrative duties prompted him to step away from helping coach the club, but social studies teacher Kali Lucchesi has filled his spot.