On Sept. 12, Sedalia Middle School students met their attendance incentive goal of 95 percent or higher attendance schoolwide for 10 days straight so they got to play a game of giant Angry Birds in the school gymnasium.

Playing teachers vs students, the goal was to knock down as many pigs as they could in three tries.

Sedalia School District 200

In the photos: AngryBirds1: Sedalia Middle School instructional coach Angie Meyer helps students, from left, Carter Robinson, Michael Stimac and Mika Calderon line up their shot in a game of giant Angry Birds as part of an attendance incentive assembly Sept. 12 in the school gymnasium. Looking on behind them is Principal Brendan Eisenmenger.

AngryBirds2a: SMS Principal Brendan Eisenmenger congratulates students on reaching their schoolwide attendance incentive goal.

AngryBirds3: The targets are assembled for the Sedalia Middle School gian Angry Birds showdown between students and teachers.

Sedalia School District 200