Last night’s generally unremarkable episode of SNL peaked early when it took advantage of its proximity to Mother’s Day to do something kind of remarkable. As part of her opening monologue, guest host Reese Witherspoon declared that the show was going to mark the occasion by bringing each cast member out with his or her mother...and then forcing them to apologize for their childhood transgressions.

As outside viewers, it’s impossible to know just how many of the confessions are true, especially since they range from the realistic to the very, very silly. Then again, these are a bunch of comedians — of course they did some really dumb stuff as children. Some of the mothers are naturals on stage and play off their kids perfectly and others don’t, but the whole thing is genuinely adorable and surprisingly sweet. Even when their kids are saying some fairly awful stuff on live television, the moms seem to be very much in on the joke and having a good time.

After Witherspoon herself brings her mother on stage, the moms get “revenge” by running a series of home movies showing off the childhood behavior of the cast. The videos range from too cute for words to embarrassing (Jay Pharoah will never live his down) and we cannot imagine a better conclusion to a sweet monologue that overshadowed the rest of the show in a huge way.

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