You've been hearing commercial after commercial about Mother's Day coming up, but no doubt some of us will still forget all about it. Don't be one of those people that has to run out and find gas station flowers and cruddy left over cards on Sunday morning. Your mom deserves better. With Mother's Day approaching, a new online list has come out that details the top "mom-related" Google searches by each state. It's kind of amazing how many different mom-related terms there are. It's also funny to see that a couple of states are searching for mom-related terms that we can't really say on the radio.

Here in Missouri, the result isn't too embarrassing. According to Estately, "soccer mom" is the Show-Me State's most-searched mom-related term. Next door in Kansas it's "super mom." In Arkansas, the top result is "step mom" (misspelled...poor Arkansas). In Illinois, for some reason, Googlers are looking for "goddess of motherhood" and Iowa apparently is very enthusiastic about the film Mr. Mom.

We're not even going to repeat what Louisiana is searching for. You'll just have to check out Estately's full list for yourself. We will tell you it's an acronym. The term also came up on the list of top searches for Kentucky.

We wish a very happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Soccer moms, super moms and...all the others in Louisiana and Kentucky.

Young kids playing soccer
Bigandt_Photography, ThinkStock

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