My wife Kathy likes to spend time with her mom. This past spring they vacationed together in Springfield. Right now my wife is planning a trip to Dallas to spend some time with her this fall. It's more than just spending family time together though, the mother-daughter bond may be good for the health of mom and daughter.

A website I follow,, reports "according to research from Harvard Medical School, mother-daughter trips taken once a year can help relieve stress, improve immune responses and decrease the chances of heart disease. Essentially, it shows similar benefits to a full night’s sleep and a healthy diet."

I did look to see if I could find a similar health benefit for mother-son trips taken once a year, and I couldn't find it. Most of the stories I found alternated between the benefits of a strong mother-son bond in childhood, and mother-son trip and bucket list ideas.

I don't know if I get a health benefit from visiting my mom, but one thing is for sure. Visiting Mom is being home. It makes me feel good. And I don't do it nearly enough. I should take my wife's lead and plan to visit Mom this fall. You should too.




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