Getting up in the morning isn't always easy. 

I have worked morning radio in two stints in my radio career.  I am used to it now, and I have made adjustments in my life to make sure I get a good night sleep and can function in the morning so I do not yawn on the air when you are all listening to me..

Truthfully, I just need a hot shower, and at least 7 solid hours of rest and I am good to go.  I realize that many of you need a cup of coffee (or two or three), or need a few hours before your are fully engaged in your day.

Since I plan on being here for a while, and doing mornings, I have tried to do little things to make mornings a little easier.  I am getting older and I do have some medical concerns that I need to address, so these little tips that I shared this morning I wanted to pass along to you in case you missed that portion of the show.

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1.  Drink a glass of water.  It is very important to hydrate.  We tend to become dehydrated when we sleep.  You can almost never drink too much water.

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2.  Make you bed.  My parents made me do that as a kid, and sometimes it is as simple as removing a comforter and putting it back.  Apparently, if you get in this habit, it will allow you to focus more throughout the day.  Couldn't hurt to try it right?

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3.  Get some sun.  Funny, my mother tell me this often.  Mothers seem to know best.  A little sunshine, studies have shown, is very good for us.  Now I am usually up before the sun rises, but I allow some more in my place and it is nice.

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4.  Write down something you are grateful for.  Seems silly, but starting your day by being thankful will put you in a better mood, especially if you can do it for two straight weeks.

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5.  Get some exercise. Even if it is simple stretching for 5 good minutes, it will do the trick.

Hope these tips help out, and thank you for waking up with me.

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