The first Sedalia City Council meeting of 2022 began with a service award for Police Commander Adam Hendricks for 25 years of service.

Hendricks was recruited in December of 1996, and became a full-time police officer in March of 1997. He worked as an undercover officer for about a year. Then he became a patrolman, achieving the rank of sergeant in March of 2004. Ofc. Hendricks became a commander in February of 2009.

“Hendricks is a valued member of our department, offering experience in each of the three bureaus during his time here at the PD,” Commented Chief Matt Wirt. “Adam is currently assigned to the Operations Support Bureau. He has lent his knowledge and wherewithal to more projects than can be counted throughout the department. Adam Hendricks, congratulations.”

This was followed by recognition of the top three Christmas light contest winners, including CJ & Angela Spatz, 1717 W. 3rd; Chad Fidler, 2902 Daryl Drive; and Laura and James Strombald, 2705 Southwest Blvd.

The Sedalia Fire Department promoted Alexander Doll with a brief badge-pinning ceremony.

“Alex Doll's been with us since the end of September. He came to us with five years of experience from the Bolivar Fire Department,” said Fire Chief Matt Irwin. “Firefighter Doll is receiving this badge this evening after completing all the necessary performance and standards required by the Sedalia Fire Department. He did significantly well in completing all these standards in a very short amount of time. I could not be more proud of him.”

His wife Kimber pinned the firefighter badge on his uniform, followed by a round of applause from Council members, fellow firefighters and others attending the meeting.

Community Development Director John Simmons and artist Doug Freed then gave Council an annual report from the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival.

This was followed by a presentation from Randi Battson concerning Animal Services.

Council then approved a three-year renewal agreement with AT&T for dedicated internet and voice bundle at the Sedalia Fire Department. The cost has increased by $23.52 per month to the current rate of $515 per month.

Council then heard an annual presentation from Sedalia Parks & Rec Director Amy Epple.

This concludes presentations from all department heads and will be used to determine priorities during a strategic planning session scheduled for this Saturday at the Municipal Building, 2nd and Osage. The session will begin at 8:30 and is expected to conclude around 2 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

Council then approved a change order for final quantity adjustments for the 3rd Street and 16th Street mill and overlay projects completed by Emery Sap and Sons. The change order adds $5,299.29 to the overall cost.

An amendment in the City's plumbing code was approved by ordinance Monday night concerning the issuance of permits and certificates for those performing plumbing work in the City of Sedalia. The reason for the amendment is to remove unnecessary impediments to revitalization, according to Second Ward Councilman Andrew Dawson.

Under liquor licenses, Ann Adams dba Sedalia Lions Club, was issued a new license for a special event in downtown Sedalia. A pub crawl is scheduled for March 19 from 12 to 7 p.m., $112.50.

Renewals were approved for Paul Bennett dba American legion Post 642, 2016 W. Main, for Sunday sales, $300; Adam McMillin dba WalMart #219, 3201 W. Broadway, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450; and Heather Trotter dba Walgreens #7428, 801 South Limit, for packaged liquor and Sunday Sales, $450.

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Rhiannon Foster attended Monday night's meeting online.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session for legal advice and Real Estate matters.

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