The Sedalia Police Department, in conjunction with City of Sedalia Code Enforcement, is planning a special operation beginning on July 7, in an effort to address a growing number of parking violations throughout the City of Sedalia.

Parking violations cause significant inconvenience for residents in these neighborhoods. In addition, illegally parked vehicles block the streets and interfere with responding fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles, delaying emergency response.

The operation will focus on contacting the owners of vehicles parked contrary to city ordinances and codes in an effort to rectify and alleviate the issue and educate vehicle and property owners about how to avoid violations in the future.

In appropriate cases, the vehicles will be abated providing the owner an opportunity to address the issue before further action is taken. In other cases, when appropriate, offenses will be addressed with a written warning or citation.

The operation will focus on residential areas where street parking is prevalent and where the Sedalia Police Department Traffic Unit and City of Sedalia Code Enforcement officials have observed a higher concentration of violations.

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