Kehde's Countdown To Spring[/caption]Yesterday, I informed you about Hoodie-Hoo Day, which was even the first time I heard of such a holiday. It's a day to try to bring spring closer to us, by putting your hands in the air outside and yelling Hoodie-Hoo!  Behka is a witness that I did give it a whirl to try and help out our friends in the New England states.

However, one of our great traditions in Sedalia is the true countdown to spring, which Kehde's does every year. I thought it was unique to see the Comfort Inn ask when will spring get here on Highway 50. However, you only have to go down Highway 65 to find the answer. I think when I seek the answer, I'd love some barbeque too.  Unfortunately it wasn't open at 5 in the morning for some burnt ends and pancakes.  At least I got to finally stop and show you the sign if you haven't seen it.

You can also shop online for your next meal at Kehde's.



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