As part of its mission to support educational outreach, the State Historical Society of Missouri continues to add new biographies to the freely available education website Historic Missourians.

An essential resource for students and educators, Historic Missourians features well-resourced biographies of notable Missourians. The articles are written for a school-age audience and meet education standards set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, but readers of all ages visit the site.

The new biographies were made possible through a generous donation from Carolyn P. and Robin R. Wenneker, whose financial support allowed the State Historical Society to engage Mizzou graduate students in researching and writing articles on people with a connection to the University of Missouri. “The Wennekers’ commitment to the expansion of Mizzou-connected Historic Missourians is both ongoing and deeply appreciated,” said SHSMO executive director Gary R. Kremer.

Recently added biographies include nationally recognized MU football coach Don Faurot, prominent suffragist Emily Newell Blair, important agricultural leader and university administrator Frederick B. Mumford, and influential journalist and educator Sara Lockwood Williams.

“It was a great experience working with University of Missouri graduate students to develop these Mizzou-related biographies,” said Laura Jolley, assistant director for manuscripts and project manager for Historic Missourians. “We hope these new biographies will add to students’ knowledge of Missouri and the remarkable people who have contributed to our shared history.”

The Historic Missourians site is hosted by the State Historical Society of Missouri. Visit it today at

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