If you're a light sleeper or you were up early this morning you probably heard the thunderstorm roll through Sedalia. The National Weather Service out of Kansas City says besides the storms this morning, we could see another round of storms this afternoon, Saturday June 15. I mention the date because between Beau and myself we've written alot about potential storms that could hit the area. So what's the NWS saying about this afternoon and evening?

The NWS is predicting another round of storms hitting late this afternoon and continuing into the overnight hours. Some of these storms could be severe. The major severe threat being hail and wind, with a lessor chance of tornadoes and flash flooding.

What the National Weather Service isn't sure of is how the day will play out in relation to this morning's storms. If it stays cloudy for most of the day that will limit the storm coverage and intensity later. If we wind up with a sunny, warm, afternoon that might feed storm coverage and intensity.

Enjoy the day. Hit the dog park at Clover Dell in Sedalia. Head out to Wings Over Whiteman. Get those errands run. Just keep an eye to the sky and don't be surprised if we get some rain late this afternoon or this evening.


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