It may be the end of July, but school is set to be back in session again very soon. There are a lot of parents who have started to get school supplies for the kids. There are many who have grown accustomed to the Back To School sales and Sales Tax Holiday. This year, the Back To School Tax Holiday in Missouri will be held from Friday, Aug. 2, through Sunday, Aug. 4.

There are a lot more items that are available for purchase during this time that will fall under the tax holiday. Clothing, personal computers and school supplies will once again be tax free by the state. However you do need to look at all the different guidelines. For instance, watches, watchbands, jewelry, handbags, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands and belt buckles do not qualify. When it comes to school supplies, watches, radios, CD players, headphones, sporting equipment, office equipment and furniture do not qualify.

While the state taxes will be lifted on those items, counties and cities need to opt in to this program to also waive their taxes to pass along additional savings to the customer. This is where some of the confusion comes: Pettis County participates in the Tax Free Holiday, but the City of Sedalia does not. That is the case once again for 2013. Here is a complete list of counties and cities not participating in the holiday.

Regardless, it is a good time to stock up on as many supplies as possible since you will save at least an additional 4.225% off items no matter where you shop. Here is a short video to explain the holiday more.

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