The City of Warrensburg has taken to its Facebook page to make the case that residents should agree to a one-cent per dollar spent hike to the City's sales tax.

Warrensburg says if voters approve the increase 1/2 a cent will be put towards public safety, and 1/2 cent will be used for street, sidewalks, and stormwater infrastructure as well as other operational costs.

The City says a town the size of Warrensburg should have 44 police officers, the Town currently has 25. The City also only has seven firefighters on duty daily, yet the national fire protection standard is getting 15 firefighters on a fire scene in 8 minutes. Not to mention, the budget for the City's 120 miles of roads is only $450,000. It can be inferred from their infographic that Warrensburg will be better positioned to meet these metrics and have more money for infrastructure if approved.

Economically, the City is arguing that approval of this tax increase will lead to safer streets and neighborhoods as well as better upkeep of the City's infrastructure.

Specifically if approved, Warrensburg hopes to offer better competitive police and fire salaries to recruit and retain officers and firefighters. Replace outdated equipment including those for snow and ice removal, along with police and fire vehicles. While also using the money to invest in streets, sidewalks, and stormwater facilities.

The spring election is Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

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