While we were out electing the leader of the free world; the kids at Parkview Elementary School were learning civics by choosing what lunch entree was the school's favorite.

On the ballot, school chicken nuggets vs. lunch room pizza. Along with a hotly contested race between chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies. Amidst all the fun the kids learned about elections and how important voting is.

Parkview Elementary Principal Stephanie Jackson told the Sedalia School District 200 Facebook page, " All classes spent time over the past week discussing how American elections work and the importance of voting as a responsibility of citizenship. Students completed voter registration cards in their classes. Fourth grade students selected from an essay contest served as poll workers and checked registration cards against voter rosters, handed out ballots and gave stickers to those who voted."

I think this is a genius way to teach the kids about the political process without having to bring "real politics" and all that entails in the 21st Century into the classroom. When I was a kid, no one thought twice about holding a quick "election" in our class room with the real presidential candidates. But back then, politics wasn't as slimy, or divisive, as it can be today.

So let's get down to brass tacks. Who won? Lunch room nugs or School pizza? School pizza, still the favorite. 251-180. I don't know what they put in school pizza, but I had a serious addiction to it in high school. The race between Chocolate Chip and Oreo cookies was even closer with Oreo cookies beating Chocolate Chip 226-205. I think it's the cream filling that gave Oreos the edge.

School pizza and Social Studies. It's almost enough to make me want to go back to school. Almost.

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