Josh Sharp. the CEO of the Illinois Fuel Retailers Association, which represents gas station owners wishes you'd stop putting those stickers of President Biden pointing to the pump price with the caption, "I did that" on gas pumps. I wish you'd stop that too.

As he points out in an interview given to Fox 2 in St. Louis, which recently posted an article on the problem on their website, it's vandalism. And someone working at the mini-mart has to go out with a razor blade and a scraper and get it off the pump. One worker even told the television station they're a nuisance, difficult to remove and leave a nasty residue on the pump.

And that's what bugs me, it's vandalism. And the sticker never really comes all the way off. I've witnessed it at the Murphy Mart in Warrensburg myself. I also don't think it will change how anyone votes either. Or make anyone ponder politics, government, and policies the way we truly should, thoughtfully and critically.

It was fun in a Beavis and Butthead way, the first couple of times I saw them. And at that point gas wasn't even annoyingly expensive. At this point, it's just a tiresome obnoxious reminder that our Country is divided politically and that most people are content to just vote for the guy on their team, without even considering what the issues actually are. And if the person they're voting for, actually represents their issues and values. And that's just sad.

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